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See the Drupal 7.50 release notes and the PHP 7 discussion for more details. However anecdotal evidence from a variety of users suggests that Drupal 7 can be successfully used on PHP 7, both before and after the 7.50 release.
Does Drupal 7 support PHP 7?
Due to the limited number of modules for Drupal 8, even new Drupal 7 projects will be started. The major iteration of the PHP language, PHP 7.0.0, is also scheduled for release the same November. Drupal 8 will get PHP 7 compatibility soon, but for Drupal 7 the schedule is open.
Drupal 7 Compatibility with PHP 7 Stack Overflow.
D8 is with PHP 7.1, and 7.2 is supported from Drupal 8.5 onwards. Drupal 7 PHP requirements note the caveats, including xjm's' edit in January. Drupal 8 PHP requirements a table of supported recommended versions. issue testbot patch to test Drupal 7 PHP7 compatibility.
Fully support PHP 7.0 in Drupal 7 2656548
With all tests passing on PHP 7 and several comments here and elsewhere that it's' perfectly possible to run Drupal 7 on PHP 7 and has been for a while, I feel like we can say that it's' meaningfully supported which is not the same as saying there are no bugs.:
Benchmarking Drupal 7 on PHP 7-dev Drupal On Windows.
Database Transactions in Drupal. Deploying changing module dependencies with Drupal. Powerpoint presentation to images in PHP: a Drupal example. Getting 2000, requests per second without varnish. ChainedFastBackend in Drupal 7. Importing Excel data with PHP, OpenXML and SpreadsheetLight: a Drupal example.
Increase your Drupal 7 site speed with PHP 7.
Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce 1.x are quite new to running on PHP7, so use them with caution, but with such drastic speed improvements, it seems very easily worth the risk. Are interested in upgrading your site to PHP 7?
What are some thoughts on Drupal 7's' compatibility with PHP 7 and 7.1? Is it fully stable for use now? Quora.
How do I implement blocks in Drupal 6 and Drupal 7? How can I find and hire a Drupal 7 expert in my area? Has anyone tried running benchmarks and compared both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 on a PHP 7?
PHP 7 meilleur ami de Drupal 8? Netelios.
Ainsi pour Drupal 8, Une série de test effectués en utilisant la version dev PHP 7 et la version 5.6.99 de HHVM annonçait des résultats très prometteurs avec Drupal 8. Cependant depuis la sortie officielle des 2 technologies, les résultats semblent plus mitigés.

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