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Drupal 7 PHP requirements Drupal 7 guide on
This table shows how each Drupal version requires and supports the various versions of PHP. If you have selected a particular Drupal version and want to select the best PHP version to use with it, read the column for that Drupal version upwards from the bottom.
Drupal Wikipédia.
Drupal 8, sorti le 19 novembre 2015 12, s'articule' sur le framework français Symfony 2 dans un souci de normalisation, de s'ouvrir' à un grand nombre de développeurs et de tirer pleinement profit de l'approche' objet de PHP, en particulier les espaces de noms qui faciliteront l'isolation' des modules.
Become a Drupal Developer Drupalize.Me.
As you learn to develop modules for Drupal, youll use a combination of PHP fundamentals combined with Drupal-specific functions and APIs. Theming, Module Development, Drupal 8, Drupal 7, Drupal 6. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor PHP is a popular interpreted programming language that is especially suited for web development.
Drupal 8 PHP requirements Drupal 8 guide on
To minimize disruption for both Drupal users and Drupal developers, Drupal 8's' support of PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6 will end at the same time. PHP 5.6 is no longer receiving active support, which means some bugs that affect Drupal 8 will no longer be fixed.
The PHP Filter module adds a PHP filter to your site, for use with text formats. Enabling this module can cause security and performance issues as it allows users to execute PHP code on your site. There are better alternatives out there that do not expose such vulnerabilities on your site. 1203886: Remove the PHP module from Drupal core.
Comment écrire du PHP dans Drupal? Drupal France.
Je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir' tout bien compris, mais si tu veux faire un bloc avec du PHP dedans, soit du actives le filtre PHP module du core de Drupal et tu écris ton PHP directement lors de la création du bloc, soit tu créé un module qui créée un bloc plus compliqué.
Here's' Why PHP Developers Love Drupal.
For PHP Developers, Drupal is becoming the best by far, and you can blame the people behind Drupal 8 for that. PHP Developers everywhere are falling in love with Drupal, and not just because of its vast resources supporting developers who want to learn Drupal 8 or the fact that performance boosts from PHP 7 make it faster.

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