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How to debug Drupal 8 website performance using Web Profiler Valuebound.
Integrating Web Profiler with Drupal 8. Since Web profiler is a sub-module of Devel, we need to download the Devel and install the web profiler. After enabling Web Profiler module, it renders a fixed bar at the bottom of each page for users.
WampServer, la plate-forme de développement Web sous Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP.
Si vous avez une version de WAMP5 installée, sauvegardez vos données, désinstallez-la, et supprimez le répertoire de WAMP5 avant d'installer' WampServer 2. ATTENTION: Tous les éléments de la stack 2.2 de WampServer ont été compilés avec le compilateur VC9 de Microsoft.
Drupal 8 Documentation.
If you use the Drupal 8 Example Repository or select the Drupal 8 option when creating a new project from a template, that's' what you will be using. You can also create your own project directly from that repository and add the configuration files. Note that you will also need to add the Composer repositories to composer.json if you are not working from our template. If you use Drupal Composer, note that any 3rd party modules, themes, or PHP libraries you install, as well as Drupal core itself, will not be checked into your repository. They are specifically excluded from Git by a gitignore file, as they will be re-downloaded when you run composer install or composer update. Rather than downloading modules or themes using wget or FTP, you can add them using composer. For example, to add the devel module you would run this command.: composer require drupal/devel. And then commit just the changes to composer.json and composer.lock to your repository. That also means that to get a working copy of your site locally you will need to run composer install to download all of the necessary libraries and modules.
Tips for Managing Drupal 8 projects with Composer Jeff Geerling.
One thing I've' found lacking in my journey towards dependency management nirvana is a list of all the little tips and tricks that make managing a Drupal 8 project entirely via Composer easier. Therefore I'm' going to post some of the common and uncommon things I do below, and keep this list updated over time as best practices evolve. Adding a new module. In the days of old, you would either download a module from directly, and drag it into your codebase.
Contenta CMS The Decoupled Drupal Distribution.
A community of experts is ready to guide with Contenta and solve common challenges together. Contenta is the community driven API distribution for Drupal 8. It provides a standard platform that is API ready along with demo content and example front-end applications.
Switch from Apache2 to Nginx to Run WordPress on Ubuntu 17.04 / 17.10 Website for Students.
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Nightwatch in Drupal Core. Wrapping AngularJS modules in Drupal CTools plugins. Switching Drush Versions. An experienced Drupal developer and architect himself, James manages Lullabot's' back-end development team. He lives near Atlanta, GA and enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping. More about James Sansbury.
Quickly build a Drupal module, controller, plugin, entity, migration, etc. Drush 9 builds upon the DCG project to offer almost 100 generators via a Drush command. Modern config, aliases, formatters. Drush rewrote its config, site alias, and output format systems.

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