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Install a language Drupal 7 guide on Drupal.org.
Drupal 6: Administer Site Building Translate Interface Import. Drupal 7 and later: Configuration Regional and language Translate Interface Import. In Drupal 6, contributed modules and themes may have translation files included. This is no longer the case as of Drupal 7.
Translating content Drupal 7 guide on Drupal.org.
Navigate to the Content types administration page Administration Content Types in Drupal 6, or Administration Structure Content types in Drupal 7. Select a content type you want translated, and select edit, then Workflow" settings" for Drupal 6 or Publishing" options" for Drupal 7. At the Multilingual" support" section, select Enabled, with translation.
Importer et tenir à jour les traductions Drupal avec Drush Vincent Liefooghe.
One translation string was skipped because of disallowed or malformed HTML. See the log for warning details. La commande drush a pris quelques minutes à peine, pour importer 19 fichiers. Quand je vous dis que c'est' un outil magique! Archivage de sites Wordpress / Drupal up Reset d'un' mot de passe Drupal 7.
How to send content for translation from Drupal 7 XTM International.
XTM will create the translation project in XTM and return the files when the translation is finished. How to send content for translation from Drupal 8. How to set up a translation provider in Drupal 8. How to set up a translator in Drupal 7.
Translation in Drupal 7: How it works? KnackForge, Your Technology Partners.
In Drupal 7, we have two different types of translation methods, which we can call as two main modules to implement translation of content in order to make a site multilingual. One is Entity Translation contrib and the other one is Content Translation core.
Drupal How can we add translation to Drupal 7 site using translation module? Zyxware Technologies.
Get in touch. Drupal How can we add translation to Drupal 7 site using translation module? Drupal How can we add translation to Drupal 7 site using translation module? 4 years ago. Consider you are creating a drupal website with multiple languages.

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Prevent access to untranslated pages with Drupal 8 Flocon de toile.
If making a Drupal 8 multilingual site has become really easy to implement, there is now a fundamental difference with Drupal 7: it is impossible to disable a language. Either install a language, or delete it. This change is assumed, and voluntary, so as to not generate unnecessary complexity for questionable gain. But what to do, after having configured, translated the interfaces and looked after a whole multilingual project, when comes the production and no content is translated? Delete untranslated languages? And thus lose all the translation of the project configuration?

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