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On March 2 nd 2012, security researcher Ivano Binetti published an advisory on Drupal 7 anti-CSRF measures. He/She rightly identified the long standing Logout CSRF annoyance 144538, but the rest of his/her advisory is not helpful. Read more about Drupal CSRF Exploit reported on packetstorm.
9 questions pour comprendre la dernière vulnérabilité Drupal Drupalgeddon2 Blog XMCO.
XMCO sera à Genève pour participer à lédition 2019 de lInsomnihack. 0day ActuSécu airgap Alerte amazon Android apt Attaque BlackHat blueborne Botconf Brucon cms conference Conférences CoRIIN Crypto-monnaie Cybercriminalité Drupal Exploit FIC fuite de données Hack.lu hack in paris hip HITB Info intel IOS joomla malware Microsoft Patch PCI-DSS piratage résumé Samba Shadow Brokers spectre SSTIC Vie Privée Vulnérabilité WannaCry windows WordPress. Avis d'expert' 121. Résumé de la semaine 51. Archives Sélectionner un mois. mars 2019 6. février 2019 10. janvier 2019 10. décembre 2018 11. novembre 2018 14. octobre 2018 12. septembre 2018 9. août 2018 8. juillet 2018 10. juin 2018 9. mai 2018 11. avril 2018 8. mars 2018 12. février 2018 7.
Drupal Vulnerability CVE-2018-7602 Exploited to Deliver Monero-Mining Malware TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog.
Note that these attacks exploit even old Linux or Unix-based vulnerabilities, underscoring the importance of defense in depth. This is particularly true for enterprises whose web applications and sites like those that use Drupal manage sensitive data and transactions. Even a security flaw dating as far back as 2014 can be used as an entry point for attackers. Figure 7: TOR exit node information 2018/06/16 for
GitHub dreadlocked/Drupalgeddon2: Exploit for Drupal v7.x v8.x Drupalgeddon 2 / CVE-2018-7600 / SA-CORE-2018-002.
Usage example: /drupalgeddon-customizable-beta.rb u http//example.com/: v 7 c id More info: h u, url URL Required Service URL v, version VERSION Required Target Drupal version 78, c, command COMMAND Required Command to execute m, method PHP_METHOD Optional PHP Method to use, by default: passthru form Optional Form to attack, by default /user/password in Drupal 7 and /user/register in Drupal 8 cloudflare Optional Tries to bypass Cloudflare using Lua-Nginx 100 parameters WAF Bypass h, help Prints this help Troubleshooting.:
Patch now! Multiple serious flaws found in Drupal Naked Security.
Three flaws here, the most interesting of which is the anonymous open redirect flaw affecting Drupal 8 which was made public in August by Portswiggers James Kettle who documented how it could be used as part of a cache poisoning attack. As Drupals advisory says.: Under certain circumstances, malicious users can use this parameter to construct a URL that will trick users into being redirected to a 3rd party website, thereby exposing the users to potential social engineering attacks. A second open redirect defect, also affecting versions 7 and 8, could allow a user to enter a path to an open redirect leading to a malicious URL. The issue is mitigated by the fact that the user needs the administer paths permission to exploit.
Automated exploiting and backdooring of Drupal 7 web servers ZIONSECURITY.
Today we were contacted by one of our Belgian partners that they wanted to patch a Drupal 7 server to protect against the latest vulnerability, released this week by Drupal Security. The file was already patched, without knowledge of the customer and without finding traces in the Drupal management console. Our partner investigated the access logs and they found strange requests from a Russian IP to this web server. They found this suspicious and contacted us. Root-analysis, based on mininal log information available, revealed that the Drupal server was attacked and a backdoor was installed. The criminals used an automated exploit based on proof-of-concept code and they used this to inject malicious PHP in Drupal.
CVE-2018-7600 Drupal Drupalgeddon 2 Forms API Property Injection Rapid7.
msf use exploit/unix/webapp/drupal_drupalgeddon2 msf exploit drupal_drupalgeddon2 show targets targets. msf exploit drupal_drupalgeddon2 set TARGET target-id msf exploit drupal_drupalgeddon2 show options show and set options. msf exploit drupal_drupalgeddon2 exploit Related Vulnerabilities. Debian: CVE-2018-7600: drupal7 security update. Drupal: CVE-2018-7600: Remote Code Execution SA-CORE-2018-002.
Uncovering Drupalgeddon 2 Exploit PoC: drupal.
Original Poster 1 point 11 months ago. Lots of people were monitoring logs using the sanitizer logging. Those with additional knowlegde searched through old logs. That said, such searches do not cover all Drupal sites, just a significant fraction. 2 points 11 months ago. The exploit was not unknown.

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