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7 How to make a form required with states? Drupal Answers.
add a comment. Here's' a detailed guide on Drupal 7 form states. This is the important bit.: / Form implementation. / function module_formform, form_state form'checkbox_1' title t'Checkbox' 1, type checkbox, // If checkbox is checked then text input // is required with a red star in title.
Learn how to change an existing Drupal form BeFused.
The easiest way would be to target the form element in CSS. / your styles /. Or you could target specific types of forms. Eg, to change the look and feel of comment forms.: / your styles /. Does that help? Submitted by Hagit not verified on Mon, 01/15/2018 0613.: Trying to change the field description drupal 7 without success.
Forms Form API Drupalize.Me. Topic.
While there are many similarities to the Drupal 7 Form API, the Drupal 8 API is distinct, mostly in its implementation of object-oriented PHP. When browsing resources on the Form API, tutorials based on Drupal 7's' Form API will likely need at least some minor adjustments in order to work in a Drupal 8 form.

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Drupal Webforms Basic Arts Sciences Computing.
E-mail Valid email address format. If you want to send your submitters a copy of the form submission, its best to use an actual email field versus a textfield. Select options These are for drop downs, radio buttons, and checkboxes anything where you need to give the user a set list of choices. The interface for configuring select option fields is substantially improved in Drupal 7.
Atelier Drupal 7.
Atelier Drupal 7. Crer un site internet avec un CMS pas comme les autres. Table des matières Chapitre VI Introduction la cration de modules. Environnement de dveloppement. Installation et configuration d'Eclipse.' Installation sous Windows. Installation sous Ubuntu. Configuration d'Eclipse' pour Drupal. Architecture d'un' module. Le rpertoire du module et le fichier info. Rechercher de la documentation sur http//api.drupal.org.: hook_block_view: afficher des blocs. Conventions et finitions. Votre premier module Drupal. La page Summary. hook_menu: crez une page associe une URL. Liste des modules activs. Liste des vocabulaires de taxonomy. Exercice: liste des types de nodes. La page de configuration du module. hook_menu: ajout d'une' deuxime page pour le module. Form API: crer des formulaires HTML dans Drupal.
api Adding text just text! to a form in Drupal 7 Stack Overflow.
Adding text just text! to a form in Drupal 7 closed. OK, I finally figured out how to add or edit form controls through the form API in Drupal. But now, I would like to add text to a form.
Drupal 7: Développement de modules Akabia.
Nous avons donc parcouru de manière très brève et rapide lensemble des points importants concernant la création de modules sur Drupal 7. Nous avons insisté sur la puissance de lAPI de Drupal qui nous permet de créer plus rapidement et de manière plus sécuritaire des modules.

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